I very very much apologize for lapsing in posting.  I have been incredibly busy and life has kind of sucked.  I also think I have spine cancer….maybe, not really, but maybe (There is a thing on my back and it hurts when I move.  Clearly this is cancer.)  I am also on the receiving end of referrals for people newly seeking healthcare…which sucks for me and my co-workers, but I guess is good for other people. But, I am forcing myself to put this up because it means that I will motivate myself to do more and to write.  So hopefully in the next few days there will be a real post, and then another post on another site that I have been trying to work on.

Preview!  Something either having to do with psychology or Affordable Healthcare (or both) will happen, soon.   Maybe women?  Or maybe some more Cumberjunk (probably, OMG SHERLOCK!).  Just kidding, this one will be real, I’m sorry.  I’m working on…something.  Now to nurse this lump on my back that prevents me from moving or sitting still or sleeping.



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