My mind rebels at stagnation–bahhhhhhH!!!!!!

Dear World:

It has come to my attention that I am bored.  Like SOOOOOO bored!  I defended my diss, finished classes, and finished my prac training within the past 6 weeks.  Since then I have read 6 books and a graphic novelization of some Zinn, I have watched like every documentary ever, way too much Pretty Little Liars for my health, ran an average of 23.2 miles per week (thanks Runkeeper), and organized my filing cabinet…

So, clearly I need a hobby.  And according to my dearest friend, stalking gifs of Cillian Murphy and Cumberbatch is not a hobby.  Nor is obsessively following the release of the new Season of Sherlock.   Although I will contend this with her privately, I fear she may be right.

And thus, I ask you, oh great and wise world, what does one do with one’s self when they have an excess amount of time on their hands?  I have not worked one job, a limited 40 hours per week since I was like 16.  This is all too foreign to me.  I haven’t written much on the blog because…well my mind is so static.  I’m having a mad Sherlock moment here.


sherlock 2

Please don't judge me, friend.

Please don’t judge me, friend.

I think boyfriend is going to kill me if I don’t find something to occupy my mind.

So, hobbies?  Keep in mind, 1) I am broke, 2) other than my amazing cooking talents I have no domestic skills and am not interesting in learning any, and 3) I am not graceful/coordinated so nothing that involves complex movements (like Yoga or dancing).

A list of hobbies I have already attempted:
Teaching my dog to do impressions of Eddie Veddar
Learning Spanish–It took multiple years of Speech Therapy to learn to speak English properly, so I decided any continued attempts at Spanish would be futile
Flirting with awkward people until one of the two of us out-awkwards the other
Getting in fights with my landlord
Perfecting my impression of Tom Waits
Counting the freckles on my left shoulder

As I’m sure you can tell, all of these efforts have had limited success.


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