I can’t even get past being disgusted to get angry.

Fucking Disgusting.

Those are the only words I can even come up with to describe my feelings about the George Zimmerman verdict.

I don’t have the neurons to process and make sense of this.  I got ill when I saw the CNN headline.

What?  What is the reasoning behind this?  Someone has to tell me because I couldn’t read any of the news without becoming nauseous.

Seriously.  How does a man walk out of his house, after being advised to stay inside by a 911 dispatcher, with a loaded gun, chase down and provoke an unarmed kid, shoot him, and not be found guilty?  There is no logic behind that!

This feels like an instance where the child was put on trial for fighting back.  Sound familiar?  If you are at all even approaching the minority status, you are expected to take what is thrown at you, even if it is the butt of a gun apparently.

Ugh ack,  the shitty, racist facebook feeds are coming in!  Saying Zimmerman was “only defending himself.”  Go fuck yourself.  It’s not self-defense when you’re the one with a gun that incited the incident.  If not for Zimmerman, I would be sitting here analyzing the gender typing in Pacific Rim for you.   Not experiencing and elevated heart rate and rage typing over a dead kid.  Now I’m being called a stupid bitch on facebook.  What’s new?

Why does this bother me so much?  Because Trayvon is like so many of the kids that I have worked with in the past.  I can see in my mind how this could happen to just about any of the teens I have worked with.  It’s sad.  It’s disgusting.  I don’t really have any even remotely critical thoughts about this other than the visceral “fuck this culture” response and the rising vomit in my throat.

Having to respond to facebook comments from people that apparently think “justice was served” makes me want to throw my laptop across the room and move to Canada.  I don’t care that Zimmerman’s guns were legally registered.  I don’t care whose cries were on that phone.  I care that an adult man took a gun and chased after a kid with it.  I care that this should not have ever happened and it only happened because of a trigger happy racist piece of shit ran after a boy in  a hoodie.

Go fuck yourself, ‘Murika.



2 Responses to I can’t even get past being disgusted to get angry.

  1. Zeudo Nemm says:

    But it didn’t happen the way you fantasized it. Zimmerman didn’t just decide to go outside and find the first Black kid and then shoot him down because it felt good. No, he was on his way elsewhere. He saw somebody who looked suspicious. Recognized he didn’t live there(Trayvon was not a longterm resident). Knew that a resident would go inside if it’s raining. Thought he looked like he was on drugs(blood tests confirmed it). Noticed the person was casing homes(because he couldn’t see Trayvon was on the phone due to the earpiece he was using). Then he goes to ask a question and the person runs off as if they had done something wrong. That is why Zimmerman had called the police BEFORE he even knew what race Trayvon was. It was the dispatcher who aksed him, and he wasn’t able to affirm until he got closer. So, if his goal was to profile a Black kid, he had taken a gamble by calling the cops before even knowing his race. Ironic too, considering his own Grandfather looked like Trayvon and his mother had darker skin then Rosa Parks. But somehow to you he did it all because he’s a self hating bigot.

    And the cops didn’t tell him not to follow. They suggested he didn’t have to. That was to PROTECT ZIMMERMAN against the suspect he was calling about. If the person is really a criminal they can get violent if they think they are about to get caught.

    If Zimmerman was this great hunter as you suggest, then he had failed that night to get his prey. Trayvon had fled. He was free. He was gone long before Zimmerman was able to even pull his gun out. Trayvon had the chance to call the cops if he was really scared. He could have ran in and got his Dad. But no, he chose to hunt down Zimmerman and attempt to kill him with his own dangerous weapon(his violent hands). If the kids you worked with did that to you, I’m guessing you might try to defend yourself with all availble tools as well.

    There was racism in this case and it was done by Trayvon. He profiled Zimmerman as being a creepy ass cracka. Was homophobic and poked fun at being raped(male rape is rare). When he saw that Zimmerman was Latino he made sure to call him “homeboy” knowing it is an insult to a Latino you don’t know. I can’t blame Trayvon as he was raised to be a bigot. His parents have a history of it. They are involved in Black supremacist groups. They taught Trayvon that whites with authority are just out to profile and bully, so don’t respect them. Trayvon saw ZXimmerman and thought he WAS a cop. He had been busted before by people who looked just like Zimmerman. Dealt with authority at school that looked like him. That is why he did what he did. He was already in trouble with his Dad for the thug shit he had done. He didn’t want to get in more trouble, thinking Zimmermna had the goods on something he did…

  2. Sir, there is so much hyperbole and assumption in your response, I can’t even. You can only assume anything Trayvon did or thought because he could not testify. Because he is dead. He is dead because he was shot by George Zimmerman.. One’s hands are much less of a weapon than a gun. A teens hands are not a weapon on their own. Perhaps if you read up on a little social psychology and looked at our culture and history with a critical eye, this case might make a bit more sense.

    My response and my post were emotional and visceral. But it was not fantasy. We all have an image in our heads of both parties involved in this case. We are all biased. And bias creates our view of this case. Bias also created the response of George Zimmerman. It created the defensive reaction Trayvon. But remember that George was the one with the gun and therefore the one with the power.

    It has been said that the victors write history while the victims are forced into silence. Trayvon Martin is now silent while George Zimmerman gets to be heard.

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