My Amanda Bynes Theory

So I read this article:



So I have not followed the Amanda Bynes thing as closely as I have followed other fantastic hollywood terror stories.  Mostly this is because I was busy defending my dissertation.  But now that that is done, it’s time to get back to wasting my brain on pop culture.

I remember Amanda from way back in the way back beginning with All That.  I feel like we grew up together.  As the article points out, she has always been the funny chick.   I liked her.  She broke some of the mold and could be funny instead of just being eye candy.  It was almost like she was a real comedian.  *gasp*

Oh my god it's a normal person!

Oh my god it’s a normal person!

So anyway, as she got older I imagine casting got harder.  I honestly can’t even think of a movie where female comedians are main characters that has been made in the last 10 years.  So she tries to branch out, play other characters, but she been type-casted.  She tries to get all sex-kittened out. Which is clearly awkward, for all of us.  Mind you, being sexy is different than being all sex-kittened out.  She failed.  Is this her fault for being first a comedian?  If so, I would like someone to tell that to any of the ugly, awkward, super-not sexy and not even good actor comedians out there who have not been put through the ringer of having to be  a sex symbol to have a career.

She looks enthused.

She looks enthused.

So anyway, my theory on her downfall (and perhaps my art-y sister might have a little more insight on this once I present the idea):  It’s all a performance.  It’s all a fantastical commentary on stardom.  I find it funny that I have heard more about her shitty wig and all too obviously attention-seeking, provocative tweets in the past few months than I have about her acting since The Amanda Show.  Anyway, she does a great job of hitting every Hollywood Starlet Gone Wild trope she could.  Crazy hair/make up, trouble with the law, offensive public outbursts, starting fights with other celebs, being super shallow, and now an eating disorder admission!  Touche, Ms. Bynes.  It’s like she took the best of Lindsey, Paris, and Britney and shoved it all in TMZ’s face, asking the world to watch her go crazy.  I’m reading her tweets and they’re fantastic.  Everything is about plastic surgery, being attractive, being thin.  I understand that this is how many people think anyway, but dude, it’s so transparent.  And people are SO OBSESSED watching her!

Anyway.  That is my theory.  I’m sticking to  it.

amanda-bynes-tweet-extensions-lead 0523-amanda-bynes-twit-pics-footer-1



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