The most anti-climactic moment of my life.

There have been many moments (most of them in the last year) that I can classify as anti-climactic.  When I got the email that said I had matched for internship and suddenly 8 months of anxiety was over and I no idea what I was supposed to do.  The last 5 minutes of my last class ever.  The 2012 apocalypse.  I could go on and on.

My written dissertation passed?  My chair signed off on it?  Like, just like that.  I got his feedback on my draft.  We set up a meeting.  He asked what I needed and we discussed for a few and set up an oral defense date.  Then he signed the official form that I passed.



I don’t know what I was expecting.  Tequila?  Confetti?  A parade of sharply dressed Cillian Murphies and Benedict Cumberbatches?  Something.  I came home and told my boyfriend and he was like “cool.”


I don’t think this is too much to ask.















3 years.  Countless data collection trips.  1000’s of trees dead from printing shit.  Migraines.  Carpel tunnel.  Missed drinking excursions?  All just for a little signature.  😦

I know the feeling, man.

I know the feeling, man.

Maybe after my oral defense I will get that parade.  (If anyone is wondering what I want for a defense gift, hint!)


I guess I’ll take this moment to be an optimist (feels weird…) and focus on this simple fact:  I am done with classes.  21 years of education and I am finally out of that shit!  I get to have a life!  I get to play video games and read Bradbury at the beach with my hound!  I get to spend time with boyfriend (who is super duper excited by all of this)!  I get to work one job 40 hours a week and then come home to my home and to boyfriend and to my pup!  I don’t have to write papers or stupid presentations or assignments or reads shitty articles about things I could care less about when the journals I pay for sit unopened due to lack of time to read.  I stocked up on books for the summer!  I bought new running shoes!  It will be magical!!!

All of this, of course, after I defend my diss and get my fucking celebration!  (I’m at least getting myself a goddamn cake.)

How fucking amazing is this cake?

How fucking amazing is this cake?


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