Financial Aid

Quick question:

How much should I care about how much I put myself in debt?  I mean school loans.


I’m concerned that I’m just that jaded that it no longer matters.  I mean, I’m going to be paying them back my entire life.  The way it’s looking I’m never going to retire.  I have no ambitions of home ownership.  I’m phobic of having children of my own.   The American dream for me is having a two bedroom apartment so I’m not tripping on boyfriend’s drumset every morning.  The way I see it, why the fuck not rack up all the student debt humanly possible?  I’ll die before it’s ever paid off anyway since I’ll never be able to afford healthcare either.  Shit, after this doctorate, maybe I’ll find something else to waste my time and money on.

The sad fact is I don’t even live well.  I get really excited to go out on dollar beer night and grab pizza by the slice with boyfriend.  Most of the rest of the week I eat plain rice or eggs or peanut butter and jelly.  I nearly tackled a friend of mine for a fee donut coupon (I’m saving it for a special occasion!). I’m a bit pathetic.  But hell, I’m almost a doctor right?


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