Addendum to last post.

I had to add an addendum to the previous post because something was really bothering me when I was with the doctors.

 Again, I preface this: I know ER docs and such are super busy and it’s hectic and Clinic docs are just as busy.  But, they are still doctors and if they are understaffed, that needs to be addressed.  They should be providing the best care and addressing all patient questions.

During the week I had my stitches in, I got a bit of a cold.  Nothing terrible, just some bad coughing, lethargy, sore throat, stuffy head, and the like.  I still had the cold when I went in for the follow-up.  They asked me if everything was ok with the wound and such.  Now, FYI: every time I get sick I think I’m dying, even though I never go to the doctor.  I just lie in bed and complain and drink tea, essentially waiting to die.  But, I figured since I was there I would make sure I didn’t have MRSA or something else terrible.  So I told the triage nurse, the med student that took out my stitches, and the attending, “I am kinda sick.  Is that a problem?”  The nurse said: “hrm.  No fever. Down the hall to the left, second door.  The doctor will be in in a minute.”  The student said: “Your stitches look great.  My attending will be in here to look it over real quick and you can go home.”  The attending said: “Looks good.  Have a good day.”

At no point did any of them address my being sick or check anything other than my temperature.  I do have a history of giving myself viral infections.  Essentially this just means I stress myself out enough to kill my immune system and allow normal viruses that should be easily killed to make me uber sick.  I assume that is what this is.  Meds don’t really work, you just have to be okay with feeling super sluggish for about 5 days.  But come on docs!  I could be dying!  Respond to my concerns!


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