ACTA-An International movement against free speech.

Here is a copy of the legislation.

Essentially, this is an even more far reaching version of SOPA.  An international agreement that allows the shut down of websites believed to be violating copyright laws.  Essentially, this would apply to nearly any website.

Now, generally we think about movie and music downloading sites.  This legit, considering that we download and use these things often.  However, think more deeply and complexly about what people download or access that is actually copyrighted.  News?  Research articles?  Opinion posts?  Even using a quick picture of Mickey Mouse on a blog or a website, just as a picture to maintain interest would mean that News or opinion website would be shut down.  Passing along information about research programs, books, articles, and such would leave you open to lawsuit.

Criticizing this as an end to free speech is entirely accurate.  Any use or reference to copyrighted material will be made illegal with the passage of this law–which is happening behind closed doors.  This means discussing books, ideas, news, people would be illegal.  The law is written vaguely enough to obscure the true extent.

Please, spread the word.  Let others know this is happening.  The defeat of SOPA didn’t stop anything.



One Response to ACTA-An International movement against free speech.

  1. ACTA can make isps lawfully answerable for everything their customers do on the internet. This is a really dangerous regulation not only to internet liberty but even to our common liberties. We’ve got to prevent it.

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