Hello world!

Until recently I’ve never thought of myself as a blogger.  I saw blogs as being written by either super smart people whose opinions are actually worth reading, or really dumb people who need attention.  I’ll let the world decide where I fit on that spectrum.

However, the happenings in the world have boiled up far too many internal rants for facebook to handle.  So, I needed an outlet to rant and scream at the world.  See, SOPA, the pathetic show that is the 2012 election, Rahm Emmanuel’s ending of free assembly, and a million other events are killing my little spirit.  But, what baffles me is actually how few people have noticed or care about these things and how many people get upset when the actions of the government are criticized.  My parents raised me with this really annoying need to observe and be critical of the world around me.  Apparently, 95% of this country was not raised with that particular value and think it’s bad.  Well, fuck them.

So here I am.  Not everything on here will be political or social criticism.  Sometimes I might just post pictures of robots or unicorns, because why the hell not?  Oh, the name?  Well, I couldn’t think of anything clever, so I just picked my two favorite things in the world.  Cookies and Whiskey are sometimes the only thing that get me through the day.


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